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#YoSoy132 Londres: Letter in response to the Televisa-The Guardian joint statement

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6 February 2013

To the Editors,
The Guardian Newspaper,
London, UK

Dear Sir or Madam,
We were pleasantly surprised last June when the Guardian published a series of articles purporting allegations regarding the connections between the campaign of the then candidate for the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) Enrique Peña Nieto to the presidency of Mexico and the powerful media conglomerate Televisa. Yesterday Grupo Televisa and The Guardian published a comment by the vice president of Grupo Televisa and a joint statement were the Guardian effectively apologizes for its previous articles on the matter.
We understand that under the current financial climate it wouldn’t be attractive to put up a fight against the mighty power of Televisa. We acknowledge the fact that the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) of Mexico has cleared the PRI of any wrong doing and that this puts a legal challenge to Televisa as a lengthy, costly process with little chances of success. But let this be a testament to the British public of:
– The Power of Televisa, not its innocence.
– The level at which undemocratic practices are controlled in Mexico, with the widely accepted collusion between the highest levels of authority (PRI, IFE) and the media conglomerate (also known in Mexico as the 4th power).
– The submission of articulated argument regarding democratic practices, to the brutal financial forces and a ‘truth’ explored via the courts.
Your recent publication mentions the crude attempt by Televisa to gain back some of its public image through the creation of the “Sin Filtro” programme involving some of the discontent youth. In spite of this, a very large sector of Mexican society continues to regard this huge media conglomerate as one of the largest obstacles to democratic maturity in the country.
Our hope is that the spirit of searching for a truer democracy and openness that took The Guardian to publish the Wikileaks files, for example, has not died here.

Sincerely yours,
(A collective of Mexicans resident in London committed to advancement of Mexican democracy)


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