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We remain fighting for the transformation of Mexico, through in a peaceful way and for the election: AMLO

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AMLO en una presentacion de libro en la UNAM Foto

Traducción Nina Datshkovsky


*Announces that in shortly a new book of his authorship will be publish and also he will restart his trips around the country

He announces that starting next Wednesday he will restart his tours around the national geography, Andrés Manuel López Obrador reaffirmed his decision to continue fighting for the transformation of the country in a peaceful way and for the election, although “the dices are loaded and the letters are underlined”.

He said that under no circumstances he will recognize Enrique Peña Nieto as Mexican legitimate President because it would be a betrayal to the people of Mexico and he emphasized that there will not be a respite and he will not even agree to any manipulation during this fighting for the regime change.

During his participation as commentator in the presentation of the recent book from the teacher Octavio Rodriguez Araujo, entitled “Poder y elecciones en México” (Power and elections in Mexico), he said that it might be a thought that, when you restart a work tours by the 31 entities of the Mexican Republic, ” we start again without strategy” and without analyzing the current situation of the country.

Flanked by the author of this book and by the commentators Martha Singer, Bernardo Bátiz, Angélica Cuéllar and, Eduardo Huchim, the ex-presidential candidate supported that it is possible to achieve a change in the country by the electoral route and he clarified that he respects but does not share the position of those voices that promote as an option the armed route.

“We must continue persisting on the electoral path and in a peaceful way”, because the armed path only perpetuate the authoritarian regime rather than destroy it, I felt that we will be advancing with our principles and ideals and in the coming months we will be devoted to strengthening the organization of the “Movimiento Regeneración Nacional (MORENA)”

The auditorium “Ricardo Flores Magon” of the “Facultad de Ciencias Políticas y Sociales” (Faculty of Political and Social Sciences) of the “Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México”, according to the commentators, was the stage for the presentation of the book that objectively addresses the recent electoral process.

The teacher Martha Singer in her speech said that the political parties are inevitable and that the democracy still imperfect.

She agreed appointing that in last July presidential election was a fraud as has been since the older times and she said: more than an election, there was an imposition and the doubt remained sowed regarding the lawfulness of the whole process.

When teacher Bernardo Bátiz spoke, he asked to not turn the page. He clarified, “We must move forward, instead of bend the sheet and go back home”.

He suggested in front of a nourished auditorium, mostly with students, if there was a new way of fraud or ancient practices were repeated, in an ironic way, we recommend creating a manual with the title “One hundred ways of doing a fraud.”

Also the former attorney of Justice of the D.F. (Federal District) stated that the presidential election was characterized by an accumulation of irregularities and illegalities, without receiving any form of punishment.

Regarding this matter, the sociologist Angelica Cuellar wondered: why the authority who was responsible didn’t investigate the Monex case?

Immediately she clarified: The journalist Carmen Aristegui did more than the “Instituto Federal Electoral” (Electoral Federal Institute).

On the other hand, the former electoral Advisor and writer Eduardo Huchim said that the “Priista, Enrique Peña Nieto” as Governor of the State of Mexico, violated every day and every night, at least from 2008, the content of the constitutional article 134, which prohibits that public providers make custom propaganda.

The media stopped to make emphasis on the subject, while the electoral authorities argued that the Article 134 was not regulated in the Basic Law, he recalled.

Regarding the judgment of the “Tribunal Electoral” (Electoral Court) of the “Poder Judicial de la Federation” (Federation Judicial Power) said: the judges didn’t rejected the impugnation, the accusations regarding buying votes in favour of Peña and all the evidence presented by the “Coalición Movimiento Progresista”.

The members of the TRIFE “did not accept anything”, although the judges had the opportunity to gather the necessary information that was provided by the “Secretaría de Hacienda”, the “Servicio de Administración Tributaria”(Tax Administration Service), the “FEPADE”, the “PGR” and the “Unidad de Fiscalización” (Control Unit) of the “IFE”, he said

For Huchim, the Court protected the purchased vote and the vote that it’s making a profit with the poverty of millions of Mexicans; as well they also protected the impunity.

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