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We are not going to stop fighting, until we change the regime of injustices, oppression and privileges. AMLO

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Resource, AMLO,
Translation by Nina Datshkovsky-Ennis

In words of Andrés Manuel López Obrador during the General Report of the chief Clara Brugada Molina from the Local Government Office of Iztapalapa

Friends of Iztapalapa, it is a great pleasure for me to be again with you and take part on Clara Brugada extraordinary report.

Clara invited me to this event, I was reluctant, because I am not use to attend to authorities’ reports, but is Iztapalapa, it’s about you people, and its Clara, that’s why I am here.

I can summarize my speech by saying that we were not wrong when three years ago, we fight against the imposition. You gave a National example, as mentioned by Clara, when the Electoral Court wanted to impose the authority in Iztapalapa.

20 days before the elections was criticized the candidacy of Clara so she will not be able to participate and they could consummated a fraud, so the Court decided something that only the citizens can decide, and at that time I was traveling around the country, Clara looked for me and asked me for support so I decided to be in Iztapalapa, we meet in a Citizens’ Assembly and we made the decision to fight and not allow the imposition.

It took us some time to resolve the problem, you have made something that it’s hard to achieved in other parts of the world and I say this so you can see how much democratic vocation is in Iztapalapa, if you recall, in 15 days, a change was made and was asked to vote for another candidate who made the commitment that he would decline to give the pathway to Clara Brugada.

Although there was not enough information, these 15 days were enough to win in Iztapalapa.

Then those of the power mafia didn’t like it, they wormed out to the one that had done the commitment to decline and the campaign came untied against us, the campaign in all the media, were making fun of us, but what I can say now when we were right and that here are the results of this.

Since then, I told Marcelo Ebrard, extraordinary head of the Government of this city, I told him: we need to support Clara, because it is an honest woman, with convictions, she really cares for the people of Iztapalapa.

And I repeat, here is the result, we are listening to the report of what has been accomplished, it became a exemplary government and the most important of all, there are several important things, the feeling to support the people, their work, their responsibility, the good judgment, but the most important of everything is that in this government that was led by Clara, the budget money, the money of the town, was handled with honesty and that’s the most important thing for me.

Because this always has a half meaning, more than a good government, it has been the corruption that has damaged our country, it is what has ruined everything, it’s the main cause of our social inequality, and of our economic inequality.
That’s why I celebrate that we could claim, and said here in Iztapalapa that was an honest government, we do not want more corruptive politicians, and we do not want the ambitious people, which only are looking for their personal profit.

We have now a not in vain example, our fight, in spite of all the obstacles that we are facing, all the difficulties, when we fight for fair causes there are always good results, and this is proved.

We have a higher ideal that is what we are fighting for, we want the transformation of the public life of our country, and starting right now always I will say it and I will repeat it, so we can measure why we are fighting for. Only has been three transformations in Mexican History: The Independence, The Reform and The Revolution and we want to reach and achieve the fourth transformation of the public life of our country, our goal, justice prevail over power.

But in this journey toward this ideal, toward that beautiful ideal of justice we have been making a progress, we have been getting partial triumphs as Iztapalapa, that’s why although was painful for us this new fraud of July 2012, we have been making the decision to continue fighting; we are not going to stop fighting.

To change this regime of injustice, oppression, privileges, until the homeland will be for all, a homeland for the poor and for the humiliated, we do not want Mexico remain as a country for only few.

We will continue fighting, we are also aware that everything that we do means to clean up the path of those who are behind.

What we are doing is clearing the way for the new generations, looking for a better life in the future for our children and grandchildren, so tomorrow they shouldn’t claim that we didn’t do anything to make our country advance.

That’s why we made the decision to continue with this movement. I know that we are always going to have the support of all of you, the people from Iztapalapa, and also, as an answer, I will tell you: We will be always with you.

Love is repaid with love. Thank you very much with all my heart

We are moving forward for our children, for the young people, for whom they come behind us. To stop fighting is like beginning to die.

We have to fight the whole life for our ideals and we have to come to the conclusion that we can do it, like human beings, like people, to be happy if we fight for the happiness of our neighbor, if we fight for the happiness of the others.

¡Que viva el pueblo de Iztapalapa!
¡Que viva Clara Brigada!
¡Viva México!
¡Viva México!
¡Viva México!


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