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“Calderoncito” leaves the country in a very bad condition, it’s not an evidence that this will change, Lopez Obrador regrets

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Traducción M. Datshkovsky-Ennis

October 14, 2012 | Divisions: Bulletins, Press Releases and Labeled with: Calderon, the “Congreso Estatal MORENA”, the “Congreso Estatal Yucatan”, “Morena”, in Yucatán

Press Release c-025
Merida, Yucatán, October 14, 2012
* Carlos Salinas de Gortari is the commander-in-chief of the oligarchic and the conservative power who leads in Mexico
* He stated that the presidents of Mexico are employees, Calderon operated as a puppet and the second puppet will enter now.
* He is calling the Mexican people to lookout, because the delinquents’ gangs are planning to privatize the oil and increase the “IVA” (taxes).
Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador lamented that Felipe Calderon is leaving a really bad economic, political and social situation in Mexico and “the worst thing is that is not any evidence that things will change, we still with the same powerful mafia, the group who is dominating, who has as an employee the president in shift”.
In an interview granted to representatives of the media before beginning the State Council of “MORENA”, referred to the ruling group, he announced that are 30 powerful people, leaded by Carlos Salinas de Gortari, who is the commander-in-chief of the oligarchic and conservative power who leads in Mexico.
He stated that the presidents of Mexico are employees, Calderon operated as a puppet and the second puppet will enter now.”
He stated that he doesn’t wants to fight with anyone; the only thing that he does it’s to point out those who are really leading the country, in other words, to whom is the chief of the powerful mafia, the group who is dominating Mexico, the responsible of our national tragedy, Carlos Salinas de Gortari.
Lopez Obrador called the Mexican people to lookout, because the delinquents’ gangs are planning to privatize the oil and increase the charge in taxes from 16% to 22% (“Impuesto del Valor Agregado-IVA”)
He explained, the politic gangsters want to hand over the oil to foreign and national companies, with this, the Treasury will stop perceiving 800,000 million pesos and, to get such resources, they are thinking to increase the “IVA”.
We have to prevent the robbery, that’s why we need to have “an eye to the jack and the other to the doodle” (“un ojo al gato y otro al garabato”). We should be aware about the “MORENA” Organization but, in the other hand, we should stand up to protect the oil and also the economy of our people.
“MORENA” is an organization. Be aware, our people and our nation protection, this is what’s “MORENA”, it’s an organization. He summarized saying that he will take a new tour around the country, also when the powerful leaders want to make him retire.
At front of the delegates of “MORENA” State Council in Yucatan, he emphasized that a new stage is beginning in the process to achieve, “the beautiful ideal, that justice prevail over the power, also to achieve the public life of Mexico.”
He speak out, even with the new electoral fraud, it’s necessary to pursue a change, although we will have to work harder, with more sacrifices, because if only we will be seeking to stand for the Presidency to keep the same pattern of the corruption regime and the injustice, will not be to hard to work for it.
Lopez Obrador said he would fight his whole life for these ideals, even against those who are the heads of our country, “they sent an arrogant message saying that they will remove from us our hope rights”.
He pointed out that the transformation process will be slow, necessary and sublime, but not too easy as were the changes that Mexico experienced during the Independence, The Reform and the Revolution.
He mentioned that on this fight towards the ideals for the transformation of the country, it will be achieve partial victories and a clear example was that in spite of the fraud, in spite of the vote-buying, alter 83 years of PRI Governments, Tabasco won with the Democratic Movement y they achieved the public awareness of the consciences
Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador pointed out that he will proposed a national campaign to raise a public awareness in the next National Council to be held on November 19th and 20th.
“We advanced, without giving out stock of foods, without living out Money, without living out scraps, we obtained 16 million votes.
He mentioned that was decided to consolidate “MORENA”, after they began the construction of the municipal and sectional committees
He recalled that since Wednesday till Sunday he met with members of the State Councils of Campeche, Colima, Tlaxcala, Zacatecas, Yucatan and Quintana Roo.
He mentioned that the meetings will be held till November 11 and later, on the 19th and 20th of November, will be held in Mexico City the National Congress , “Movimiento Regeneracion Nacional” where there will be discussed the basic documents that they will rule the internal life of the Social Organization.
Lopez Obrador explained that “MORENA” would be a moral referendum, acting always with integrity, inspire values, principles and ideals to the committee members, with the intention to stop the corruptive regime and not lose the movement.
He ordered to the “Movimiento Regeneracion Nacional” delegates to organize actions on December 1st, in all public plazas in capitals of the States to protest against the imposition of Peña Nieto, so the imposition would not be consumed in the cold, we do not forget that Peña is product of the vote-buying, the poverty traffic, of a huge immorality”.
He confirmed that he will not recognize a government that was the result of the vote-buying, the poverty traffic of the people. We are determined to abolish the regime of corruption and privileges that prevails in the country, in this situation, we will not give a respite and not an opportunity, and we will keep our principles.
Lopez Obrador gave a solemn promise (protest) in front of the members of the “Comite Ejecutivo Estatal” (State Executive Committee) and in front of the “Consejo Honestidad y Justicia”: “They gave a solemn promise to work with conviction, with the wish, to achieve the goal for the transformation of the public life of Mexico. If they have a commitment they should fight for Yucatan justice and democracy. If they decide to do so, the Yucatan people should recognize it, if not, they should claim it.
In Cancun, on the evening, Lopez Obrador led the State Congress of “MORENA Quintana Roo”, he was informed that the 87% of the members of the Congress voted in favor that the Movement becomes a political party, while the 12% voted to maintained as a non-profit organization.
In this entity, the message that he addressed to the Movement delegates, informed that in the past presidential election, in spite of the vote-purchasing in favor of Peña Nieto, he obtained the victory in Quintana Roo.
After a new fraud was committed, it was decided to move forward with the fight for the transformation of Mexico to achieve that the justice will triumph over power.
Before the claim of the power group who governs the country to establish a sort of a modern slavery and to turn the poor in pawns and buy their freedom we must redouble our efforts to create awareness among the population and with this, prioritized to prevent that the poor people sell again their vote to those who deal with their poverty.
It’s essential and necessary, that there is a genuine opposition for the transformation of the country. We must not move aside and he specified that we should fight to ensure that the justice will prevail over the power.
Accepting that “we have received setbacks”, he considered that it’s a progress in the conscience awareness, in a change of the mindset of the people and assured that: “We are changing the way for those that are coming behind us. We are going to move ahead. “MORENA” is an organization at the service of the people and the nation”.
Before the mainstream anti-democratic culture, we should make an effort to act in a different way, in spite of our mistakes, with honesty and rectitude, he requested when he settled that “why we should create an organization if we will do the same. There’s not a point in it.”
He emphasized that MORENA should maintain its character as an independent and a free organization and is not subject to vested interests. The Movement is the only real opposition before the power of the mafia and our political opponents, alerted: “they observe us with magnifying glass; they will try to discredit us and also interfere in the internal organization of the Movement.
And, he added: We must not be subordinated to the rulers, Because then this would be a party or movement more commonly known as “paleros”, managed by the governor in turn, who make decisions on the internal life of the parties, then they impose the candidates for charges of popular election and they give them food to distribute among voters.
For the following week, Lopez Obrador will attend the State Congresses of MORENA in Baja California Sur, Querétaro, Aguascalientes, Nayarit, Baja California, Guerrero and Morelos.

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