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Inicio » Destacadas » Mexico was sentenced by the TRIFE to six years of regression, oppression, corruption and forced labor: Jimenez Espriu

Mexico was sentenced by the TRIFE to six years of regression, oppression, corruption and forced labor: Jimenez Espriu

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Jimenez Espriu Foto Ilusodética RadioAMLO

Translated by Nina M. Datshkovsky-Ennis

Para RadioAMLO.

Message from Javier Jimenez Espriu in the informative assembly of the “Movimiento Regeneración Nacional (MORENA)” in Downtown, Mexico City

Andrés Manuel López Obrador

People of Mexico

We are here to ratify a commitment with our Homeland.

I belong to a group of Mexicans that with full conviction and with a deep knowledge of our country, its problems and with my love for Mexico, signed the New Project of Nation that Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador proposed, aware that it was an imperative change in the economic, political and social model, which in the last thirty years has led to greater inequalities, to an unacceptable increase in the number of poor people, a economic stagnation, a increasingly critical lack of jobs, a huge loss of power of purchasing because of our wages, a proliferation of monopolies, food insufficiency, abandonment of the countryside and of our peasants, to a and low-quality education, to an internal market contraction, a absence of state policies for our industrialization and for our scientific and technological development, etc. , all these framed by a process of scandalous corruption, collusion and shameful connivance that have led to the loss of values, social breakdown and violence.

We proposed a austere government Project based on honesty, professional capability, political sensitivity and transparency, sovereignty, preservation of the material and cultural heritage of the nation and the democratization of the media, which will help to promote the public and private investment, the generation of jobs and the welfare of all sectors of society, which respects the human rights and the environment, and will end up with the violence, promoting the peace and social tranquility and the citizen participation in our national decision-making.

An ethical government composed of a new national political class that could carry out the urgent tasks of the transformation of our Nation.

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