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I do not recognize Peña as legitimate President of Mexico: AMLO

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Translated by Nina M. Datshkovsky-Ennis

Message from Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in the informative assembly of “Movimiento Regeneracion Nacional (MORENA)” in Downtown, Mexico City


As we all know, the “Tribunal Electoral” (Electoral Court) decided to validate the presidential election although when is an obvious violation to the Constitution and the laws.

I do not have too much to say about what is crooked in the electoral process because almost everything is in public domain. I pronounce, although it is not a new statement, that the Article 41 of the Constitution was violated, which stipulates that the elections must be free and authentic.

The hallmark of this contest was the use of money in abundance to buy millions of votes. The facts were that the PRI candidate exceeded the spending limits for the campaign based in what the law establishes and, although it was demonstrated that the use of the money came from illicit sources, prevailing the cynicism and impunity.

Neither was any equity in the role of the media. On the other hand, the majority of the newspapers, radio and, specially, TV, in particular “Televisa” and “Milenio”, became the principal sponsors of Peña Nieto.

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